Cukurova University AOSB  Vocational School of Technical Sciences.

Director of Vocational School  

Nigar YARPUZ-BOZDOGAN is Professor in Vocational School of AOSB Technical Sciences, Cukurova University, Adana, Turkey. She has 24 years of research experience. She completed her M.Sc and Ph.D in Agricultural Machinery from Cukurova University, Turkey. She has completed 20 research projects. She has published research papers about pesticide application, plant protecting machinery, residues of pesticides, pesticide exposure risk on occupational health, pesticide drift, environment and human health risk of pesticide applications, assessment of buffer zone in pesticide applications, pesticide applications in greenhouse, personal protective equipment in pesticide applications and biobeds in various national and international journals with impact factor and four chapter about drift of pesticide, pesticide analysis techniques, unmanned aerial vehicle and work safety in pesticide applications.