Agricultural science includes many sub-disciplines such as agricultural  and food  technology, animal production, horticulture , crop science , forestry, waste management, marketing and distribution etc. That obligate to everyone to collaborate with other discipline to increase the impact of our work. Therefore conference scope includes new techniques and technology in any field of agriculture listed below.

Conference Topics
Automation Technologies in Agriculture Food Engineering Animal Production Technologies
Artificial Intelligence Applications in Agriculture Food Processing Technologies Crop science  Techniques and Technology
Machine Vision Technologies in Agriculture Fruit and Vegetable Production Technologies Horticulture Techniques and Technology
Precision Agriculture Technologies New Food Processing Techniques Sustainable Agriculture Technologies
Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Agriculture Agricultural and Food Policies Biosystems Engineering
Robotic Applications in Agriculture Harvest and Post-Harvest Technologies Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Applications in Agriculture Bioenergy and Biofuel Technologies Ergonomics and Safety in Agriculture
Visible and Infrared Spectroscopy Applications in Agriculture Greenhouse Technologies Drying Technologies
GNSS and GPS Applications in Agriculture Agriculture, Global Warming and Climate Change Agricultural Structures
Open Topics Agriculture and Environment